For Parents

Suds Club Program

With over 60% of our members qualifying for free or reduced lunch, many of the families we serve have are challenged with providing even the most basic essentials for their children.  The Suds Club was started in 2011 by a dedicated volunteer project through the Leadership Fond du lac program to help provide basic essentials for our members in need.

What is Suds Club?

Suds Club is a program designed to provide basic needs items for qualifying Club members and their families.  Quite often, we encounter Club youth and families who are without even the most basic of items that most of us take for granted.  This can include school supplies, hygiene products, clothing, shoes and food. The Club is committed to helping our members overcome challenges related to basic needs.

If my family is in need, who can I ask for help?

Contact the director at the program site your child attends.  Let them know what you are in need of and they will take it from there.  While there is a limit to what the Club can provide, we will do everything we can to make sure that the most basic needs of your family have been met.  If we cannot provide everything, we will also be able to refer you to other organizations that may be of assistance.

What assistance is needed?

The Club is interested in any donation that can help with the most basic needs of the Club members and their families.   We regularly have a need for hygeine items, clothing items, school supplies, warm weather clothes and swimsuits for Club youth.  Monetary donations are also accepted in order to pick up specialty items in case our stock of items cannot fulfill a families needs.